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Creating a New Study

Only Organization accounts can create studies for their study groups. If you're not an Organization and would like to start creating your own Bible study material, come and sign up!

StudyChurch gives you full control over your online Bible study. You can develop your own content and material, including questions and assignments. You can edit your study/studies at any time and create as many studies as you wish! 

In your Dashboard select "Library"

Once there you can either choose to use a study already written or select "Create Study". 

since we are choosing to make our own we are going to select "Create Study". Once selected you will then be asked to give the Name and Description. you will need to provide both to continue.

Once created you will then be taken to the page where you will be able to write your study. 

Begin by typing in the chapter titles you would like in the "chapters" section then press the Enter key on your keyboard. 

Once you have entered in your chapter title you can either continue putting in chapters, or you can select the chapter title you have already written and added your content. 

Next, we will get some content going. Add your content to the first section.

If you would like to ask a question in your study you can press "Add Item"

Next, simply type the question that you would like and click on "Show a response field"

After typing in your question, you can now decide if you want the answers to be shown or private. Once done click save.

To add more content simply click "Add Item" and continue writing there. If you need to edit any section after pressing save, simply select the cog button. If you would like to re-position where a question or some content is, use the drag button.

Once you have finished putting in your content and have saved it, scroll to the top of the page. Here you have the option to make your chapter hold back till a specific date. 

Just click the "Publish Date" section and select the date you would like your study to release on. 

Click Save.

Once you are finished with this chapter scroll up to the top of the page and select "Back to Study".

Back at your study, you can now create more chapters or choose to publish your Draft. 

For churches All you need to do is select "Publish" change the date you would like it published on and click Save.

For Leaders, you will need to select the date you would like your study published on and then click Save. 

Once finished with your study click save.

To get out of the Study Builder you can either go to your dashboard or a Group. 

If you would like to edit your study after it has been published, just click the edit button right next to the X.

And that's It!! If you have any more questions on this subject please contact us either using the chat box or our email [email protected].

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