Adding a Study to your Group

The easiest way to add a study to your Group is to make sure you have created a Study first. (Only Leaders and Churches can create Studies. If you're not a Leader or a Church and would like to start creating your own Bible study material, come and sign up!)

After you have created a Study (or to find which Studies you have already written), select the Group you would like to add a study to. You can access this from your Profile page (by clicking the drop-down arrow on the top right of your screen).

Click "Studies"

From there you can either choose to create your own study if applicable or select a study previously written.

Next scroll down till you see the "Studies" Collom and click on the study you have chosen. 

Don't forget to invite your Disciples to the group and its studies by using the invitation link!

If you have any more questions on this subject please contact us either using the chat box or our email [email protected]

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