Creating a New Study

StudyChurch gives you full control over your online Bible study. You can develop your own content and material, including questions and assignments. You can edit your study/studies at any time and create as many studies as you wish! Keep in mind that groups are limited to only one study at a time.

In your Profile, click the plus sign beside "Studies." 

From here you give your study a name and description, then click "Create Study."

Now you're ready to start writing! Begin by creating a new chapter.

You will give your chapter a title and then create items for your chapter. 

Items include short answers, long answers, content (things you may want to draw attention to), and assignments. You can designate which item you would like by clicking the drop-down arrow in the item field. 

You'll notice you can format your items similar to using something like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

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