Creating a New Study

Only Leaders and Churches can create studies for their study groups. If you're not a Leader or a Church and would like to start creating your own Bible study material, come and sign up!

StudyChurch gives you full control over your online Bible study. You can develop your own content and material, including questions and assignments. You can edit your study/studies at any time and create as many studies as you wish! Keep in mind that groups are limited to only one study at a time.

In your Dashboard, you can either choose to create a study in the "Library" section,

or in a groups Dashboard. Let's do it in a group dashboard. 

Select which group you would like to create a study for.

Next click on "Studies"

Once there select "Create Study" 

Now you need to create the title and description of your study and then click "Create."

You will then be taken to a new page where you can add all your material.

 First, you will need to put in the title of the first chapter. Once done you can either keep writing chapter titles or you can select one to begin adding content.

Start adding content in the first section.

When done with the first section you can either choose to add more content or to ask a question. Let's ask a question next.

What you need to do first is save your progress and then press "Add Item".

Once done you will see a new section where you can write your question. After the question is written simply select the "Show a response field" button. once done you will have the option of making the question public or private. Click "Save"

To add more content simply click "Add Item" and continue writing there. If you need to edit any section after pressing save, simply select the cog button. If you would like to re-position where a question or some content is using  the drag button.

Once you are done writing your content scroll up to the top of the screen and you will find a button that says "Back to Study" this will take you to the previous page.

And that's it! All you need to do now is publish your draft, choose a date, and save!

If you have any more questions on this subject please contact us either using the chat box or our email [email protected]

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