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How to Schedule Chapters for a Study

Only Organization accounts can schedule a chapter for their study. If you're not an Organization and would like to start scheduling your own chapters, come and sign up!

To schedule a chapter you will need to either start in your Dashboard Library, or in your Groups Studies section. 

We are going to start in our Dashboard and click on the Library section. 

Once there choose the study you would like to schedule the chapters for. You can also choose to write a new study and do the same thing from there. 

Once in the study select the chapter you would like to schedule.

At the top of the page, there will be a section where you can choose the date of the chapter's release. 

Choose the date you would like the chapter to be released and click save.

You will still be able to view the study chapters as a Leader but your Disciples will only be able to view them when they have been released.

That's it!

For any questions on this or any other topic please contact us using the chatbox or email us at [email protected].

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